Our services:

Ground administration and supervision (All stations)

  • Dedicated representative, coordination of ground handling services (passenger and ramp), working with passengers and crew in case the cancellation or delay of flights, reporting provision.
  • Operation control center -24/7.
  • Our clients save on rent, staff salaries and incur costs only in the case of the flight

Effect payment, on behalf of the Carrier

The organization, service control and billing payment to subcontractors at wholesale prices

  • Hotels
  • Catering
  • Transport
  • Airport

Organization of refueling services, customs clearance

Sale of passengers air transportation through own  cash desks and sub-agent network 

Renting DCS for registration of passengers and luggage

Ramp Handling (IEV, KBP)
Provide, Position and remove wheel chocks, safety cones, perform ramp to flight deck communication, damage inspection, etc

Passenger services (IEV, KBP, OZH)
Perform check-in, assist and direct passengers, lost and found, check travel docs, determine excess baggage. Own DCS. (If needed)

Load control, Preparation and delivery on board flight documentation (All stations)

Load sheet, Trim sheet, weather, etc)

Baggage Service (IEV)
Handling, loading / unloading, transportation of luggage

Transportation of passengers and crew (IEV, KBP)

  • Renault kangoo
  • Opel Vivaro
  • Skoda octavia

 Ground Power Unit (IEV,KBP)

Toilet service (IEV, KBP)
Servicing (empty, clean, flush and replenish fluids) and Disposal service

Water service (IEV, KBP)
Draining and replenish tanks

Interior Cleaning and storage of cabin Material (IEV, KBP)
Clean flight deck, passenger, crew and cargo compartments. Remove and dispose of litter. Cabin dressing.